Alaska Fishing Trips

Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

Salmon Fishing Trips

Russell Fishing offers a variety of Salmon Fishing Trips. Our guided fishing trips on the Kenai River and Kasilof Rivers as well as Cook-Inlet on the Kenai Peninsula. You can fish for Silver Salmon (Coho), King Salmon, Red Salmon (Sockeye Salmon) and Pink Salmon (Humpback).

Halibut Fishing Trips

Our Halibut Guided Fishing Trip is an all day fishing trip. If you want to catch fresh Halibut from the Pacific Ocean and aren't afraid of adventure this Halibut Fishing Trip is for you!

Trout Fishing Trips

Kenai River fishing for Steelhead, Dolly Varden and Grayling. Catch and release rainbow trout.

Kasilof River Fishing Trips

Our Kasilof River Guided Fishing Trips will take you on an adventure fly-fishing for silver salmon, steelhead and sockeye salmons. Followed by Drift Boat fishing for King Salmon.

Kenai River Fishing Trips

Fisherman from across the world visit Alaska for it's King Salmon fishing on the World Famous Kenai River. Aside from King Salmon, the Kenai River has season runs of coho salmon, sockeye salmon, and various trout species.

The Russian River Fishing Trips

The Russian river is a tributary to the Upper Kenai River. The Russian River is home to large trout and migrating silver salmon, however it is famous for the hundreds of thousand sockeye salmon that are moving up to spawn, and where Grizzlies come to fish.

Homer Fishing Trips

Our Homer Fishing Trips are full of breath-taking views, aquatic wildlife, and bottom fishing for Yelloweye, Ling Cod and Black Bass.

Saltwater Fishing Trips

With our Saltwater fishing trips we go to where the fishing is "HOT". This may be Seward, Homer, or Anchor Point.

Fly-in Fishing Trips

We offer several Fly-in fishing trips (also referred to as Fly-out fishing trips), to Wolverine Creek, Kustatan River, Chuit River, Big River Lakes and Crescent Lake